Iridology Diagnosis

Iridology helps identify the state of your body’s health by:

• Finding pre-disposed weaknesses in your body.
• Determining the most compromised organs that may be leading to poor health.
• Realizing the inherent strength of your constitutional health.
• Discovering which treatments or therapies may be beneficial in correcting these deficiencies.
• Learning how you’re dietary and lifestyle choices may be affecting your health.


Iridology does not name disease, but as an Iridologist I look for signs in the eye that will reveal certain minerals and vitamins that are lacking in your body. In addition to this, an Iris analysis can help detect adrenal exhaustion, inflammation, toxins, the state of your nervous, circulatory, immune, digestion systems and more. It can also show the condition of the colon as well as many other major glands and organs.

An Iris Analysis can determine acute, sub-acute and chronic stages in the tissues. It foretells the development of many conditions long before they have manifested into diseased states, therefore it is preventative.

When there are changes in our body tissues, normal nerve vibrations are altered. These alterations are sent through the nervous system from connected organs to the brain. They are reflected to the optic nerve bundle that terminates in the iris and thereby registering the changes accordingly.

After an Iris Analysis, I will discuss diet, nutrition, herbs and other natural therapies that I feel would assist you in the healing process and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.

Having an Iris analysis is a positive step in learning natural ways to correct negative symptoms or illnesses that may be occurring in your health. It can empower you to gain back control, and live your life with a more healthful, informed and happier outlook.

Quoted from Dr. Bernard Jensen “The eye is a direct outgrow of the brain and is the only brain tissue that can be seen without surgical intervention”.